Mistress Of Your Sissy Boy Ass!

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I knew he was a small dick from the first sound of his voice. I was getting my Mocha latte and he was being a total dick to the Barista. I had just worked out; I was sweaty and had no time for a mother fucker who had no dick. I walked up to him and told him to apologize right now! My tits heaved in my sports bra and my grin on my lips made him dare me, He asked who the hell I was, and I looked around the coffee shop and said “don’t make me spank you small dick” I took two steps closer and he backed up. Snickers could be heard he gave the barista his card and took his coffee without a word. I followed him outside my pussy throbbing at the possibility of having a new sissy. I offered him my card and said if he needed help with his small dick, a way to get off I could help him. “I know you’re not getting any pussy baby, I can help you get off in ways you never imagined. Just because you have a tiny clit between your legs doesn’t mean you have to never cum.” I can get that ass fucked and having you serving me as the sissy you need to be!

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