Mile High Club

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I took a trip to New York this year. It was a pretty long flight because I live in Los Angeles. I thought there was really only one way to pass the time and I’m sure you don’t have to think very hard to guess what it was.

That’s right! I had noticed a super fucking hot guy while waiting to board so I knew he was going to be the one for some mile-high fun.

When we were done taking off, I got up and slipped him a not to meet me in the bathroom. I only waited for about a minute before he met me there.

We didn’t say two words to each other. He just started kissing me instantly. His hands were huge and rough, and I loved the we the felt as he rubbed them up my thighs and into my skirt. I was dripping fucking wet when he pulled my panties to the side to make room for him to slide his fat fucking cock in.

He drained his balls deep inside my little cunt, gave me a farewell kiss and we went back to our seats and never spoke again.


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