Meet Wicked Hottie Janie

Hi there.  I’m new to Fuckalicious Freaks!  You can read all about me here.  I am ready to fuck and suck my way to the top of the porn industry!  I’d love to be in a porno and I really love watching them!  But keep that between us.  My Dad would kill me if he found out lol.  He still things I’m his sweet little girl studying hard in school to make something out of herself.  Yeah I love to be a school girl, in the bedroom haha!  Truth is, I’m a nasty little teen slut and I’m addicted to cock and cum.  I can play sweet for you sure.  But really?  I know what I like and I’ll admit it, I’m a whore.  A greedy whore when it cums to cock and I want more than my fair share!  I can’t wait to get my first hot load.  Who’s got a cock in need of sucking?  Bet when ya hear my young voice you’ll squirt everywhere!  Taste ya soon!

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