Maybe I Should Eat Your Dick?

Blowjobs Phone Sex“Maybe I should eat you?” I found the words leaving my mouth before I even realized I was offering blowjobs phone sex. Master had said I wasn’t going to get to eat tonight, and here I was, mouth a little open as my voice caught up with me. “In fact, take those pants off, stud.” I decided to take a little charge, since I already dug myself a hole. I slipped over without a care, surprised when he actually did it, but knowing he had a trick or two. “Let me eat lots, I’m very hungry.” I pushed some of my hair out of my face so I could get a good look at his thick dick, and started to swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock eagerly. His praise felt so good, his hand landing on my head and rubbing my hair while I started to get to work. “Feed me.” I opened up my bratty girl phone sex lips and bobbed my head right down his shaft, taking only enough time to savor his manly flavor. Within another moment I opened up wide to accommodate his overbearing girth into my warm, wet, throat. My eye shined with happiness and determination, as he started thrusting and I no longer needed to lead. A girl like me needs to be led, to be overworked, to feel jizz flowing from every crevice knowing she was a good fuck slave. I managed to bob to his rhythm, working his big meaty dick down into my throat with bliss.

“You think you can drink it all?” I heard him ask, and got ready for a thick load that’d blow my mind and make my dreams for this moment a reality. I didn’t answer him, I merely overtook him in pace and began to aggressively milk out the geyser of lust he had waiting for me deep within his swollen balls from my cock worshiping phone sex.

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