Master Can’t Always Keep His Black Slave in Line

phone sexI’m a dirty little ebony slut that Master just fails to keep in line sometimes. In a way I actually really get off on being a naughty little submissive whore that needs her Master to spank her. Sometimes though, I really piss Master off and he gives me far more punishment than a spanking, I will be hung from the ceiling by my ankles with his gimps cock face fucking me while I Master fucks my ass with a stainless steel dildo that gives voltages inside my wet twat. It will numb me and reduce my pleasure when he fucks me in my pussy and makes my asshole more sensitive to the sensations of the raging hard cocks of Masters’ friends that will line up to fuck his bad little slut. I love fucking so normally it would be really exciting for me but when Master ruins my pleasurable sensations with his torturous means of electronic interference via a tens unit type device then the pleasure is not felt and I’m just a used up fuck doll for demented perverts to get off on. I suppose I deserve everything Master gives me after all I do purposefully act out and get fucked up which leads me to fucking strangers, and Master really hates that. Master hates when his Submissive is out of control and sometimes will cage me up and keep me in the dungeon for a few days as punishment. He lets me out only on his terms and under his supervision on those days and I really love when I get Masters full attention.


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