Little Sex Demons

Age Play Phone SexBeing a single mother isn’t easy. It’s all on my shoulders to make sure there’s food on the table and bills are paid. But having two beautiful little angels that behave like porn stars does help. I’ve taught my girls that sex is natural and beautiful. Men pay me a lot of money to spend time with my angels. Can’t you picture my girls on their knees licking your cock like it was a melting cherry popsicle? I like to make them lay side by side on my bed with their legs spread because it’ll give you the best view of their tiny bald cunts. You’ll have to get on your knees and lick their cunts until they’re sloppy wet because I don’t want them to tear. I don’t know why I keep using the term “little angels” when I talk about my girls because they’re really sex demons behind closed doors.

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