Life of a Closet Girl

mistress phone sex danaHe had locked me in the closet again and I knew after the knock at the door I was in for punishment. I sat sweating determined not to think about the feel of his cock against my ass or the handcuffs he used to lock me to the chair. I would sit there for hours on end while he would eat my the cream from my pussy. I would sit instead and watch cartoons feeling his fingers along my walls and shut my eyes to him putting my mouth on his cock. He would always stretch my head back ¬†opening my mouth with his hand and place the tip into my mouth first. He was so huge and I always gagged on him as he would choke me with his vessel. I wanted to cry but I didn’t dare because the chains would get tighter and it would be hours before Mommy got home.

Bending me over he would insert metal type plates in my ass making me scream. I tried to concentrate on anything but what he was doing but I couldn’t help myself. Sometimes my pussy would have a mind of its own and its rich cream sauce would glide out while he continued to fuck me in my little holes. It was all I could do to hold on as my release was endless. I heard the footsteps down the hall and the key to the door unlock. It was time for him to get me again and do what he asked or there would be bad consequences. I was willing and able to do all that daddy wanted.

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