Lick It

mommy phone sex melindaNothing is better then a man that knows how to lick pussy. I need to have my man eat this tight cream pie and suck every last drop of my thick, milky juice down his throat. If he knows what he is doing he will get a mouth full of this hot squirting cum shot in his mouth. It has  to be just the right combination of licking, sucking and biting the lips and slit mixed with flicking that tongue on my growing, throbbing clit. Work my pussy into a frenzy with your masterful skills and you will have me eating out of the palm of your hand. You can get me to do anything that you want me to do if you know how to eat this snatch of mine. I especially love it when you play your drinking game. I love it when you want to get drunk on me, in me, with me, for me. You drive me crazy making me want that hot, hard dick deep inside me. Take whatever hole you want baby, I am all yours. Fuck me all night long after working up this pussy and fill every hole with that sweet cum of yours. Don’t hold back, I need it all baby.meme

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