Let me Train your Wife


Dominatrix Phone Sex

Let me turn your wife into my personal sex slave. I see how your wife is so very spoiled, that bitch is ungrateful, and I need to teach her a lesson. Don’t you ever think that she could be trained so that she could appreciate you better? You need a wife who knows how special she has it and how lucky she is. So far, your little cunt slut bitch doesn’t know how good you are; she has no idea that other women would do anything to have you. I want to make your wife understand that she should be punished if she’s not a good whore slut from now on. I’m going to make her wear a little itty bitty pair g-string panties she’ll also have to wear 6 inch high heels when she walks around, and she’ll need to be topless at all times. Your wife is ungrateful, but when I get done, she’ll know your worth. I can’t wait to get started. She will be begging for mercy.

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