Let me see your package..

For weeks now I have been flirty with the sexy new mailman at the office. I love his dark skin. I watch as he picks up the heavy boxes and see how his sculpted muscles pop. After he leaves I rub my clit till I cum. Today  is like every other day expect I have a few boxes that need to go to my house. Jabari walks into the office like a black god. His stride is so confident and so sexy it makes me want to fuck his toes. His white smile makes my panties soaking wet. He walks up to my desk and stands right next to me and bends down and says “Its Thank a Mailman day, How are you going to thank me?” This was my chance. I turned my chair to look at him with the heat and passion in my eyes. I rubbed my thighs and pulled my skirt up just a few inches higher to catch his eye. It worked. I told him I had a few boxes that were too heavy for me and they needed to go to my home address. “Do you think you could do a home delivery for me Jabari?” He nodded and smiled. Ill meet you here after I’m off work. He adjusted his hard cock right in-front of my face as he looked down at me. I licked my lips and told him I couldn’t wait.

phone sex fetish

I was like a little girl waiting to open her gifts on Christmas morning. It was 5:30 and Jabari still didn’t show up. Maybe he was still busy. My mind was going and thinking that I didn’t hear the bell on the door go off. He found me in the supply closet. I was more than surprised to feel strong arms wrap around my waste. I saw his arms and knew it was him. He spun me around and started kissing me with his big thick lips. His mouth fallowed down my chin to my neck where he bit and sucked hard. My knees went weak and I fell to my knees. I started unzipping his pants and pulled out his massive black cock. I took as much of him down my beautiful throat as I could, there was still 4 inches that I couldn’t take. I let fuck my throat until he came. He squirted his hot cum all over my face. He smiled and bent down and kissed me. I told him I wasn’t done thanking my mailman. I started rubbing his cock to get him hard again as he was rubbing my tight ass. He pulled all my clothes off expect my thigh highs and bent me over the fax machine…

phone sex fetish

As he spit on my asshole I knew this was going to hurt so fucking good. He struggled to push his fat cock into my tight hole but finally forced it in. His cock filed up my ass. He stretched me open as he slammed his hard cock in and out of my ass. I started to rub my pussy, I was dripping wet down to my ankles. As I rubbed my clit and he fucked my perfect ass hole I started to feel a build up in my stomach. I didn’t care that his giant cock was destroying my ass. All I cared about was taking more and more of his cock. He grabbed my throat from behind and started to choke me as he slammed his big black cock into my ass. The more and more I struggled to breath the more my stomach started to go crazy. He slammed me down on the fax machine as I squirted all over us. I fell to my knees again and started to suck his cock. He loved that I went from ass to mouth so much he shot his load all over my face again.

I smiled and said thank you mailman.

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