Layla is Your Financial Domme Princess

Not only do I have your balls in my tight grip I’ve got your wallet too! Not only will you have to pay to talk to your mistress but you have to pay per stroke too. Yes I said it. When I switch you better beware. I love to give into your fantasies but some guys are just less than a man and deserve to be dominated. You, my pathetic piggy, are one of them. You don’t deserve to touch my precious pussy, and quite frankly I think you would disappoint me if I even let you. Oh, but I know your pockets will never disappoint me! Whenever I feel like humiliating a wimpy poor excuse of a human… I know you will serve me happily and take your punishment like a good puppy. I love using you as my toliet, my money pig, my cuckold, my slave. I basically own every part of you down to the drops of your cum, when I let you cum that is. There’s a cum fee too if you forgot.

I’m feeling kind of frisky. Maybe I’ll put you through an extensive strip search. Strip you of your clothes, money and pride. Sounds like a perfect night to me.

Come on piggy, Make your Mistress happy…

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