Johns In The John

Fuck yeah! Dare me to do it and I surely will. This party whore loves to fuck and suck anywhere and everywhere. So when my friends dared me to let them blind fold me and lead me in the men’s john. I didn’t hesitate to say hell fucking yes! I knew I would have to submit to whatever would happen. I wouldn’t know who was in there or what they would do to me. I wasn’t allowed to take off the blind fold and I could not refuse to do anything asked of me. That is what made it so fucking smoking hot. My pussy was dripping wet while they explained the rules to me and I couldn’t wait. If it was reported that my performance was exceptable I would get free drinks all night along with party favors donated by the recipients of my attention. Hell I know good and damned well I am going to win this thing. There isn’t anything I won’t do. And everything I do is done very well. I can suck the skin off a dick, take the biggest cock you can find in any hole I have. And there isn’t anything that is to kinky or taboo for me. So on goes the blind fold and in the john I go.

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