I’ve Got Your Halftime Ticket

cum slut phone sex dixieI love Super Bowl Sunday in my house! All the guys show up, the smell of sexy hunks hangs in the air. The food is great and the drinks flow freely. They beat their chests and yell for their team, talking junk and getting drunk.
It is a male bonding experience that keeps my cunt nice and wet!
But nothing is better then half time. Everyone loves the spectacular half time show. Big names taking the stage and entertaining everyone. Yeah not in my house. In my house the half time show is something completely different.
In my house half time is about how many quickies I can fit in before the game starts again!
This year I am trying to break my record. So not only will I be dishing out cum slut quickies for the boys that are here, but I will be logged in and waiting for all my freaks from Fuckalicous to call.
Help me break my record and let’s see how many ten minute quickies we can line up this Sunday at half time.
If the line is busy, just keep on dialing. I would love to have your name on my list of freaks that helped me break my record!

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