It Throbs!!!

My cock is throbbing so hard right now. I wish I could get that sweet release from one of you hot men out there. I have a friend in Canada who gives me my release. He is so hot and makes me want cum every time I think of him. He has only called me once, but the fantasy that he and I explored was so hot. He met me at the club and brought me home. He then figured out that I was a tranny hotty and proceeded to dominate my ass and punish me. We then came together and I painted my walls white with my hot load of cum. It was so hot, that I was spent. I can’t believe this man made me cum because he loved my tits and my cock! Then I came because this man paid me so many compliments. I love Canadian men who make me cum. I am so hot right now just thinking about him, so I hope he calls me again. I need my cock to cum because it is throbbing!!!

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