It Ended With Anal

fantasy phone sexI was at a party the other night and it was full of nice hot ass men. The ratio was definitely in my favor and I had my choosing. I studied the bulges in their pants before deciding which one would be my mark for the night. I walked over and started the conversation while smoking a joint and handing it to him. Pot makes my pussy warm and wet and he was a fine man, so I whispered into his ear to follow me to the back room. I locked the door and slipped off my dress. He smiled as he checked out my big tits and smooth wet pussy. I laid back as he unbuckled his pants and came towards me. He spread my legs and buried his face deep inside my cunt and made a great late-night snack out of my clit and pussy. He was hard as a rock as he stood up. He pushed my legs behind me and pushed his thick long cock deep inside my wet hole. He went for a few thrusts and then took it out and pushed it deep inside my tight ass as I gaped to take him all the way in. Nothing better to end the night than some hot anal, don’t you agree?

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