I’ll Make Her My Bitch Tonight

Snuff Phone Sex

Sometimes I like to switch shit up. By that I mean I don’t always like to be a good girl. I like to fuck a lot and I love hardcore extreme sex and bondage. However, sometimes I like to take it a step farther and really let myself go. I want to make some innocent random girl my bitch. I want to do things to her and her body that I’ve only read about in books or magazines. Like I said, I am usually your girl next door and I love to have all kinds of normal sex. But, as we all know, normal can get a little boring and mundane at times. That’s why I need to spread my wings and fly a little here. I’m going to find the perfect girl.  I want to tie her up or tie her down. I want to squeeze her nipples as hard as I can until it brings tears to her eyes. I want to punch her in the ribs while I finger bang her cunt. I want to kiss her mouth passionately, and then bite her lip or tongue so hard that I draw blood. I’d happily choke her out with a belt while I had a double headed vibrator stuffed in her ass and her pussy. The thought of watching the life fade from her pretty eyes is more than I can stand. Just thinking about it makes me cum spontaneously. So, tonight is the night to make my fantasy a reality. There’s always some stupid sweet young thing or dumb coed bitch walking after dark around here. And look at me… Why wouldn’t she trust me, right? I look completely normal and totally harmless. So, I’m going to do this thing. I might need a little help getting rid of the body though. You in?

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