I was a Naughty Girl…Again!

cuckolding phone sexIn my last blog i mentioned i got a new cuckold slave toy. Well i finally got to play with my new toy tonight! I gave him a call and told him to come over for some “fun”.  Little did he know i had two black guys with massive cocks waiting at my apartment with me. He walked in and from the expression on his face, i’d say he knew what he was in for. He asked if i was going to fuck them i told them i would after he finished his task.   I told him to undress. The two black guys walked over to him and immediately one shoved his cock in his mouth and the other rammed his chocolate dick into my cuckold’s tight puckered ass. To my surpise/delight my little cuckold did a very good job of pleasing them. He deepthroated that cock like a pro and he was moaning like a little whore with that big fat cock up his ass.   Than when they were finished with him they both cam all over his face. He looked up at me and asked “now do i get to watch you fuck them ma’am?” i laughed and told him no, but for being a good boy tonight that he could watch next time and that tonight was just simply a slight slap on the wrist for disappointing me the other evening.

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