I want some Ass action!

I just love having my tight ass played with. And sometimes I need more attention than other. When those times come I call my ass man John. He always rushes right over to give me exactly what I want. He gets down on his knees and licks my ass. I can feel that long tongue of his reaming out my ass. Slowly licking and sucking every inch of my ass hole. He takes so much time to taste and enjoy my ass. And every single second drives me totally wild. Makes my cunt drip and beg for more. Until I just can’t stand it anymore! Until I turn around and slide my waiting wanting dripping cunt right down on his hard dick. I grab his face in my hands and kissed his mouth tasting all my ass juices. I suck his tongue clean as I ride that big hard dick until I cum all over him. The entire time I suck my ass juices from his mouth. That is EXACTLY what John gives me!

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