I Want More


Fantasy Phone Sex

I want you so bad, and it’s driving me crazy I mean it’s making my pussy Wild. I’m the kind of bitch who loves to have a good time, and I know you’re the kind of guy who loves the same. We should get together and do something voyeuristic we can be the center of sexual attraction, or we can watch fucking happened right before us, and we can join in. I’m ready to go all the way naughty girl with you my body is yearning to be treated like a slut in heat. If you were here with me right now, you could feel the vibrations all over me wanting and needing to be pounded from a beast like yourself. Let’s make this happen; let’s get out of control right now. Look into my eyes, see the sexual intensity that you caused to happen. I need you don’t you feel it pulsating through your big fat hard dick? Can’t you tell that I want to get more wild sucking your cock than I did last time? I want to suck your cock until it’s sprays cream all over my face. I want to swallow your cock juice up right in front of a crowd of people.

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