I Thought It Was Christmas!

I never knew there were so many colors. I never thought I could get so fucked up. And I sure didn’t know there was that much cum in my pussy. I guess for every load I swallowed it replenished the load I lost because it never ended all night long. Or at least what I can remember of it.

We had red Vicodin and lots of fucking green ass weed. Green and red such festive holiday colors, reminds me of the holidays….put you in the mood to give! After half the night of getting higher and higher and fucking every one in the house I decided the best place for me was on my back. My pussy and mouth had been filled to the limit with cum and it was time to just enjoy the feel of it!

I laid on my back on top of the pool table and told all the guys in the room I wanted to feel their hot, wet cum shots all over me. I wanted to be covered in jizz from head to tow. The bukkake ho, the cum dumpster the slippery slimy cum slut. I didn’t think I had any more cum in me but just the thought of being squirted on by all these guys and my pussy started cumming all over again. I told them once they covered the front of me that I would turn over and they could cover the back.

I just needed to feel it on me. They didn’t let me down and covered me. My whole body was glistening from cum squirts and it felt great! I woke up the next morning on that pool table all sticky and covered and wanted to do it all again!

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