I taught him his place

sissy training phone sexSo there’s this guy that lives across the street from me and I can’t stand him – he thinks that he is hot shit and can do whatever he wants, but he has a thing or two to learn from this bitch right here. Every weekend he lays out in his front law with his shirt off looking like he owns the whole neighborhood and after I slip a little something in his drink, I know that he will be easy to smuggle right into the house. Once he wakes up I won’t stop my games until he admits what a little bitch he truly is, and I know this one is going to be extra stubborn, because he has been lying to himself his whole life. I’ve brought my panties, both clean and dirty, my strap on, my prettiest clothes and makeup. It always starts with denial and anger of accusing him of being such a sissy boy bitch who truly only wants to be fucked in the ass, wants to wear the prettiest clothes and have no hair on that boyish body. I’ll make him put my underwear on, and shave his legs, I’ll make him tell me how much he fucking loves it. Once I have him all dolled up how he likes, I’ll make him do his makeup and beg me to fuck him… oh and he will. It might take a bit of forceful convincing, but I am sure this little fuck will be ready to come out of the closet once and for all. I can’t wait to use my beautiful fat strap on, I know he hasn’t ever had anything this big in his ass before. Once I force the tip in I know he will struggle, beg and plead for me to take it out, but I will only fuck him harder and deeper, making him take it all, as he screams for me not to stop. I’ll make him scream and yell, moan and beg for more and tell me how much he loves it…right until the end he’ll tell me what a sissy bitch he truly is.

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