I might be trashy but I’m fun!

drugs phone sexDirty old white trash whore is how the jealous uptight cunts call me and really it’s more a resemblance of what they wish they were. I’m trashy and I do a lot of partying and that’s really how it goes down in this hood. There is always action in my hood and I am part of that problem.My house is like a safe haven for crackheads and they know I have a mean brood of tight young holes to get violated and with the right size of crack rock, baggy of blow or weed it’s fair game. My offspring are my property, they are property that I lend out and whenever my Biker brother and his gang roar through this little southern shit town the cops are on speed dial with the annoying cunt next door. These neighbors tried getting my brood taken from me but their husbands put a stop to that shit since they are taking part in fucking these young tight holes as much as any other p daddy Joe is and that’s alright with me. I got the goods to offer and I got the goods to defend. Blackmail is my game when the cards come up short and someone is trying to bust my game.

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