I Like to F-U-C-K

Cheerleader phone sexI am one of the best cheerleaders in my school. I am also one of the sluttest too. Being the top notch Head cheerleading bitch I can have any dick I want. Rather it is one of the football players or one of the teachers. My little hot pussy does not discriminate. I remember the last time I fucked was the football coach. I always caught him starring at my ass when I would practice for cheerleading practice. I even winked at him once to see if he took a liking to me. He quickly looked away and I became furious. I am not the bitch to play with. After Practice I knocked on his office door he let me in. I quickly closed the door and lifted up my cheerleading skirt that exposed my nicely shaved little tight pussy. He licked his lips with pleasure. I begin to massage his dick inside of his pants. I pulled that long thick white cock out and sucked him off until he exploded right there in my mouth. I left his office licking my lips. I know everyone wondered what I had just ate. I just ate a mouth full of the football coaches cum. Like the dirty little slut whore that I am. I could always use some more.

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