Home Run


My boyfriend is soooo excited about baseball. I mean every word in his mouth is baseball! I am so tired of hearing about ball. And then he spends HOURS ignoring me to watch a bunch of guys throw a ball. Hell NO! So I got the sexiest little baseball outfit I could fit in. I waiting for his fucking game to start and I walked right past him to the door leading to the back yard. I looked over my shoulder and told him he could watch the game… or play in it. I made sure I bent over right in front of him to let him see my bare ass! And he was so quick out of that chair. I found something he likes more than baseball. I made him chase me outside. Then he tackled me! I told him there was no tackling in Baseball but he didn’t care! He was to busy pulling his cock out and he gave it to me just how I wanted. He shoved that cock right up my ass!  I love a hot dick up my tight ass! He fucked me right there in my back yard! In Broad day light!! That was what I called a HOME RUN!!!

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