He Has a Crush on Me

Hot Phonesex


I knew he was lusting after me and wanted to pound my tight little pussy into shreds because he looks at me like I’m a prime piece of pretty nasty delicious cunt meat. I see how he sneaks all that pouring into his bedroom he tells me sometimes cum in sis watch this with me. I laugh at him most times but this one time I said you better stop playing with me brother or I’m really going to come in he told me to come in his room, so I came in I noticed a pair of my panties on his bed they looked all¬†jizzed out. Brother what did you do to my panties you little nasty boy he said the same thing that I’m going to do to your mouth my pussy started to water I wanted my brother’s big fat pulsating cock Rod to bang my sweet little pussy until I squirted Juice box cum everywhere. My brother took his head and went down and started sniffing my cunt he told me your cunt smells just like you’ve been fucked, and you still have that steaming load of cock juice inside of you. I responded it’s all true he started to suck my pussy digging his tongue deeply inside going insane fucking me with his mouth oh my God he was amazing. I told my brother daddy sure did teach you well he taught you how to fuck your sister so good you must eat that pussy you must twirl your tongue and dig it deeply into that hot steamy cont. I love my brother I started to suck his dick deepthroat right to the balls sucking him off until his cock Rod started to spray down my throat. I sucked it back hard again then I jumped on that big fat hard dick and started to ride it like a cowgirl even a bull riding girl he loved it.

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