Hardware Store Cocksucking


Cocksucking Phone Sex

I went to a small local hardware store yesterday.  I needed a part for a kitchen cabinet.  I saw a hot new employee and he rushed over to help me.  I always dress very provocatively, and he could hardly keep his eyes off my tits.  I kept touching his arms and chest as he was helping me, flirting with him and gauging his interest.  He was very interested!

I asked if he had more of the part we needed in the store room.  (I’ve been back there many times).  He seemed confused because there wasn’t a shortage on the shelf.  I took him by the hand and let him to the store room and pushed him against the wall.  I kissed him and unbuttoned his pants.  I fell to my knees in front of him taking his cock out of its cloth binding.  I took his cock and put it in my mouth, starting to suck.  His head fell back in ecstasy.  I continued to suck his head, his shaft, going up and down more quickly now.  I massaged his balls through his jeans to increase his pleasure.  I continued sucking his cock as another worker was approaching the stockroom, saw what was happening and turned around.  I took him out of my mouth long enough to say “Don’t worry they know me here”.  I put his hard, throbbing dick back in my mouth and continued to suck.  I was sucking much harder now moving up and down his cock with fervor.  I love sucking cock.  He exploded in my mouth.  I swallowed all of it.  It was delicious.  I told him that I love this little store and I have broken in more than one new employee, maybe next time I’ll bring one of my daughters to suck him off.

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