Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner?

hot phone sex suziIt is the best of both worlds to be a sweet bodied tranny slut like me while sporting a long smooth cock that stays hard for ages and plumps right up just minutes after coming.  Like a girl who can come over and over again, I can offer men my ass pussy and fill their holes with my hard dick and then they start coming like they never knew they could.
This cock of mine gets me into all sorts of crazy places and adventures…
I make friends right away with the matradee and managers at the top restaurants in town.  I’ll be all dressed up and gorgeous and when the coast is clear, even though I look like the hottest woman there, I sneak into the men’s restroom and grab a stall.  I lay in wait until I find some big dicked stud at the urinal.  Then I’ll come out and surprise him midstream, stare him straight in the eyes, wait for his reaction…and if he doesn’t completely freak out and run away, I’ll lift my dress and pull out my throbbing hard cock, spit in my hand and stroke it in front of him.  I’ll let you imagine some of the things that take place after that.  One thing I can tell you: a lot of hot meals grow cold when I come to dinner!

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