Grandpa’s little sluts

Anal Phone SexWhen Daddy and Mommy would send me and my two sisters to my Grandparent’s house for the weekend, we always knew that we were in for some super nasty incest fun together! Granny and Grandpa strip us down naked and have all three of us get into the warm bubble bath together, we love to get wet and wild and we love having them watch us play! My younger sister bends over in front of me so that I can suck on her asshole while my older sister gets behind me and sucks on my delicious booty! Grandpa sat on the toilet and stroked his throbbing cock as he gazed at us in awe while we ate each other out! His moans are so sexy, especially as Granny gives him a deepthroat blowjob to pleasure him even more! He comes over to the tub and has all three of us stand in a line, bend over so he could plunge deep up into all of us and bust his load of creampie cum between our ass cracks! He had to pee so bad after he blew is juices all over that he just decided to piss in the bath water as we sat in it and made us splash around while we played! Anal phone sex feels so fucking good with Grandpa’s hard cock! It’s so sexy how nasty him and Granny are with their special little girls, hehe.

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