Good T-Girls Eat Their Veggies

tranny phone sex avery (2)Daddy is always telling me to eat my vegetables. I do like some vegetable but other I am not really so sure about.  When I cook dinner I usually make sure to include a protein, a starch and a vegetable but I only eat them because he insists it will keep me strong. I like to be strong so that I can take his cock when he offers it to me. We went to the farmers market to pick out some produce. The sun was shining and I let the heat rest up on my face absorbing its rays. With deep breaths I took in the smell of the market, it was fantastic. Father rests his hand on the small of my back a brought me back to the real world.
We picked out all kinds of vegetables. The colors were absolutely beautiful in my basket; we had carrots, and tomatoes and little cucumbers. I could not wait to make them for dinner tonight. I knew that Dad would love them even though I was not excited to eat them myself. We walked and talked on our way back to the car. “Are you going to eat your vegetables for me tonight baby girl? I hope we do not have to make the night go to shambles with a pointless argument” I made a pouty face because I never wanted my daddy to be mad at me. I had a fun idea when I got home and washed the vegetables for dinner. I was going to eat my veggies. I was going to be a good t-girl, yes I was.
When we got home I went outside to the picnic table to clean my vegetables. It was so nice out that my daddy came out to join me.  I took them out and layed them across the table. Dad brought out a cutting board and knife so that I could prep them after they were cleaned. They were going to need a good cleaning too. I took them into my hands and pretended to observe them closely. Dad watched me while I moved my hands on them slowly stoking them. I stuck them in my panties and gave my dad a silly look. He was amused and sat back in his lawn chair. I took one of them out and began to suck on it and then took another and shoved it into my tight little rosebud.
I let out a yelp but it felt so good. I moved around the table taking various veggies into my ass hole. I moved in every angle so that daddy could see each and every thing I was doing. I aroused him so much that he had unzipped his pants and been stroking himself while I filled my hole. I crawled over to him like a good little puppy dog and sucked onto the tip of his dick. I stroked it while I took it inside me. I continued to move my hand up and down his shaft as I carefully took his balls into my mouth. I paid special care to them as I licked all over them; they tasted so good I let out a moan.
When Dad was about to cum he took my head and forced it onto his throbbing cock. He thrust into my face fast and hard. I gagged and saliva ran out in between his dick and my mouth. He held me down and then filled me with his warm cum shooting it straight into the back of my throat. He thanked me. I love making my Daddy happy it is what a good T-girl does. I went over to start cleaning the vegetables when Dad told me not to. He said that I had already cleaned them so good and he was more than happy to eat them with me as the seasoning. I blushed he was the sweetest man I had ever known. He also said since I already ‘ate’ my veggies that these ones would be all his.Hot Phone Sex Avery

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