Goddess of Cum

Cum shots on tits

Cum shots on tits, on my tits, on any tits make my pussy gush. I am a dirty cum goddess that can’t get enough. Last night I got railed by two strangers. I wasn’t expecting to hook up but these balls needed to be drained. They both got down and dirty with one thick cock in my ass and another down my throat. It was such hot ass sex I am about to cum just thinking about it now. I was fucked so hard and fast we all came right away, it couldn’t be helped. They both came all over my tits. It felt so good to rub it on my sweet little nipples. Immediately we were ready for round two, this time I had both of those big dicks deep inside my pussy, and I slowly rocked back and forth on their cocks. I was filled up so much I thought they were going to rip me in half! They couldn’t help it this time either but my God did it feel so good to get all of that cum inside my pussy. When they pulled out it just oozed everywhere, it was so thick and creamy that I had to give it a taste. So salty and thick that I loved it. We had enough in us to go for several more rounds, after all, I am a dirty whore! My favorite was with one cock deep in my ass and the other in my throat. I just love milking that dick for that sweet cream. I just want cum all the time and I really don’t care where I get it from!


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