God Can’t Save Me Now

Blasphemy Phone Sex

I say, ‘Oh My God’ all the time during sex, so I figured, hey – why not bring the big man in on the whole dirty thing. I called my local priest and told him that I needed him to come over and give me my last rights or maybe a final blessing or whatever. Forget the holy water blessing, he can just use his cum. All over my tits would be perfect, but we’d have to be sure not to get any on his pretty Sunday best, right? I know how wrong it is to want this, but right now it feels so right. That’s so bad of me, yet I can’t get the thought of taking the priest and the altar boys at the same time. Or maybe all the ladies in the choir too. We’ll start with the crucifix first. My pussy is wet as hell and I take it in like a cock. Jamming it deeper and deeper inside screaming “oh God!!! Fuck Me!!” Do you think he’ll answer this prayer of mine? I’m not sure myself. But on the off chance that he thinks I’m an ok chick, after the cross makes me cum a few times, I’m going to squat over that good book that everyone talks about and let everyone know just what I think about the word of the Lord. I’m going to push hard to piss on those holy pages and if I happen to shit, oh well… Then, after I tear out my favorite verses and spread the pages over the bed, I’m going to lay that naughty father down and give him everything he promised the good lord above that he would forsake for the rest of his life, starting with the 12 inch strap on fucking his ass… This dirty slut, jezebel, whore, pig is going to give her best to make sure that priest can’t possibly ever be saved. Neither can I, but at least I can call my soul my own. Or maybe Lucifer wants a go with me. I think I could give him a run for his money…

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