Girls night gone wrong

There are three words I never want to hear again.

“Wanna get Kinky?”

My girlfriends and I wanted to have a fun girls night in.

We got a couple of bottles of Kinky and some yummy stuff to eat.

We got chick flicks and some other girlish stuff.

We mixed our first batch of drinks and started getting drunk right away.

We started a movie and made some popcorn.

While our movie was going we took turns giving each other face masks and foot masks.

We love our girl nights.

We take turns pampering each other.

Bisexual Phone Sex

After our first bottle was gone we got the great idea to give each other bikini waxes.

We drank another bottle getting prepared and ready to rip the hair out of our pussy.

I remember heating up the wax and then it goes blank.

I woke up in bed, hung over and feeling sick.

My girlfriend still had her face mask on but was missing her clothes.

She had a few wax strips on her legs and in her ass crack.

I started laughing and tried to get up to get my phone.

I couldn’t move!

I tried to lift my ass off my bed and it was like my skin was ripping off!

That is when I realized my ass and pussy were still covered in wax. I was wide awake at that moment.

Finally they woke up.

We don’t remember what happened but we all had wax on our faces, in-between our thighs and all over our fingers.

When we finally found our phones that is when we saw the videos.

While I was getting my pussy waxed my friend started fingering me and eating my pussy.

She still had on her face mask and when she looked up at the camera you could see the hot wax was drying all over her face.

We watched the videos and looked at the pictures.

Wax was every were and hurt to bad to try and rip off.

Never again.

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