Fun games

I was bored one day and decided it was time to break some rules, Whats better than a party while you have the house all to yourself? I invited over a ton of friends and it was time to get kinky, I knew doing this was probably not the best thing, but I was bored and needed an outlet, There nothing that gets me more thrilled than doing something I’m not supposed to do. I waited till my parents left, then I ended up inviting everyone over, once people came the fun began, 😉 We decided on an old fashion game of truth or dare  things alwsays get nasty at my parties, Of course I was going to get my young bald pussy fucked, there was no doubt of that, It was 6 hot friends of mine with ragging horomones, Within a couple minutes we were having a full on orgy right in my parents living room, My best friend was sucking all the guys cocks, while my step sister watched and rubbed her cunny off.

Love making fun memories when I’m home from break. Its always nice to catch up with old high school friends.young bald pussy

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