Fun Day at the Zoo pt. 2

 cAge Play Phone SexWe got home from the zoo and my girls each grab one of our new friend’s hand rushing him into the house. We all headed towards my bedroom and my little angels seductively undressed for our special guest. My angels even kissed each other with lots of tongue and he was delighted. They helped him out of his clothes and dropped to their knees to suck on his dick some more. I guess he got tired of the fellatio because he pulled them to their feet by their ponytails. My babies knew exactly what to do next… they got on the bed and spread their tiny legs revealing tiny bald cunts. I told him that he needed to lick their cunts really good and get them really wet because his cock was way too big for their tiny holes.
With a smile, he said, “No problem.”
And he licked and slurped on their cunt until they were dripping wet. When I felt like my angels were wet enough to take his huge cock I let him fuck their tight cunts…to be continued.

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