Fun at the Farm

teen phone sex bambiDaddy took me out today. We had a fun adventure planned, we were going to Daddy’s friend’s farm! I was so excited, thinking about what fun I’d have with Daddy and his friend. I’d met his friend before. He had a huge thick uncut cock, perfect for worshiping. I was really looking forward to getting it in both holes, Daddy’s throbbing dick pounding my tight wet dirty asshole and his friend fucking me right in my throat. I could just smell the hay and my juices mixing together in a heavenly aroma. We got out of the car and saw his friend standing by the barn. I couldn’t wait to suck him off. He asked me if I’d ever milked a cow, and I said no. He looked at Daddy and laughed. He led me to a stall in the barn. There she was smelling musty and was covered in dust and flies. I squatted down on the milking stool only to realize this wasn’t exactly the milking I’d been expecting. She was really a he and his cock was rock hard and at least 2 feet long. “You know what to do, Bambi” Daddy smiled down at me. I grabbed the meaty dick with both hands and started stroking, just like I do with Daddy & his friends. The mighty beast started thrusting his hips and moaning and I was dripping wet! I stroked him harder and faster and his massive cock started to quiver. I looked back excitedly to see Daddy and his friend jacking each others cocks as they watched. Mean ol’ Daddy! I’d give them a show. I got underneath my mighty male and started sucking his huge member. I swirled my tongue and sucked hard and deep, his giant cock tearing my mouth apart with every thrust. Daddy and his friend moved in closer and with one final swirl of my master tongue, I successfully milked my new friend and he shot his giant salty load down my hungry throat. Daddy and his friend with one last jerk both let their spunk fly into my face and my hair. I licked them all clean and smiled. Maybe you can join us next time?

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