Fuck Me Hard At The Ball Game

I have a new found love for the game of baseball and have found some really kinky ways to play with a bat. I like it so much that I re-wrote the “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” song. My version is called “Fuck Me Hard At The Ball Game”

Fuck me hard at the ball game
Do it in front of the crowd.
Stuff my cunt with your base ball bat
Especially if it’s silver and fat,
I’ll fuck, fuck, fuck
For the whole team.
If they don’t cum it’s a shame.
Cause it’s one, two, three strikes
You’re out
At my big fuck game.

Catchy isn’t it?

Batter up big boy. What are you going to hit for me? Will you get to first base? Will you hit a double? Maybe you will hit a home run. But what this pussy really needs is for you to hit a grand slam! Give me that big old bat of yours and show me what kind of hitter you are baby! I am ready to run the bases with you! I don’t need a bench warmer or a bat boy, I need a real player, someone from the big leagues.

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