Forced Bi-Sexuality Humiliation



forced bisexuality phone sex


I have heard about some not so good things you’ve done in the past and the only punishment I can possibly think of is to turn you into little faggy boy. You came by under the impression that I was going to let you have sex with my little sister but that isn’t exactly the fun I have in mind for you today. I tell you I am going to tie you up and blind fold you for fun, so that when she starts sucking your cock and servicing you it’s a bit of a surprise. You excitedly agree. But that’s when the real surprise happens and I bring out 2 of my favorite body guards, Jerome and Vick. Their giant and thick big black cocks are already throbbing and leaking pre-cum. I take off your blind fold and you are faced with these huge dicks. I hold your mouth open and make you suck them, telling you that if if you dare bite down, they will take your asshole out. You suck like your life depends on it and it look like my little wimpy man is ready to be completely ravaged by the dicks. Jerome and Vick pull you out of the chair and take off your pants. They bend you over and fuck you so hard in the asshole, it even started to bleed. They make you suck the blood off their dicks and they keep going until they blow multiple loads in your asshole. After they finish, I reassure you that I have every intention of sharing the news about your bi-sexual status on social media unless you promise to come back tomorrow for more fun. Sounds like you don’t have much of a choice, huh?

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