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GFE phone sexSkanky, boring phone girls are a dime a dozen. Finding one who lives the lifestyle you crave brings phone sex to a new height. I want you to get to know me on the deepest level. I’ll share my favorite things and my best fantasies with you. You want to know the color of today’s panties or the details of the boy I fucked last night, just follow along. I’ll be graphic but never skanky. Skanky is not my thing. I’m more like that secret girlfriend, the one that you think about and stoke your cock to while you lie in bed at night with your fat wife. I know you don’t get enough sex and that your love life is lacking. It’s not about just sticking your cock into a pussy and banging, though that is sometimes fun. It’s about knowing a person well enough to share your fantasies and deepest desires with. It’s having a girl that you want to make passionate love to, but can’t. We’re like a long distance relationship where time has no meaning. I love a man who will spend the time and money to be with me, even if on the phone. Let my words flow over you as we both touch ourselves, imagining each other. Think of my soft lips, my tender voice, as we get wet and crave each other’s touch. That’s what it’s really all about. Having that control over each other and the ability to trust as we both seek our needs. We are a real relationship, baby. I am yours and I will let you take the reins and decide there this will lead.
If you are looking for a phone girlfriend like me and not just another mindless phone whore, come to me now and let’s discover this thing together. I need you so much.

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