Fluffy chocolate cloud of heaven…

Names mean a lot, and my name is Passion.  It’s a name that fits me perfectly, because I’m so full of passion that all I can think about is fucking and sucking and using my big black body to make everyone happy, including myself.  Sure I have a bit of extra weight but like they say, it’s more cushion for the pushin’!  Once you start to fuck my tight hole, you’ll feel like you are in a fluffy chocolate cloud of heaven. My pussy hole and my ass hole can take any man’s cock all the way to their balls, I don’t care how big you think you are, I fuck like a champ!  I’m also a huge squirter so if you like to be covered in cunt juice and anal juices, I’m your mama.   Men are attracted to me because I’m a big girl, and I know how to use it to my full advantage.  I can handle three or four skinny little white guys no problem, they do their best to satisfy me but usually I’m the last one standing. The others are all exhausted and empty, and I’m ready to go all over again.  Maybe you are different than most of the white guys?  Are you up for my bootilicious challenge?

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