Family Fun Day at the Beach

Family Fun Phone Sex

My Kiddos and I have lots of fun at the beach.  We attract a lot of attention because we go to the nude beach.  We all take our clothes off and rub each other down with sunscreen.  Sometimes Robbie gets so excited with the warm sun beating down on his body and all of that touching that he needs to take care of his urge right then.  He will take one of his sisters or me into the water with him, or to the ocean side bathrooms and fuck one of us, sometimes more than one of us.  We try not to make it too obvious that we are having sex, but we do it anyway.  Sometimes Robbie and I lay under a blanket on the beach and he will straddle my waist like he is giving me a massage, but he’s really slipping himself inside of mommy, rubbing his little cock in my sugar walls and exploding inside of me.  My girls sometimes get jealous and want Robbie to fuck them too.

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