Family Fun

mommy phone sexI love playing with my P-offspring.  I’m a great mom.  We play on swings, slides and in bed.  I love to take each of them separately for special time in my room alone with Momma or all of them together and have a family orgy.  Sometimes my Dad even joins in.  We are absolutely the most awesome family.  I especially love when I have a new man in my life.  Would you like to be my new man?  You get to play with everyone.  You could play with my little rug rats the same way I do: several at a time or one on one.  The boy, Rob, is especially good at sucking.  He really loves to give a blowjob to a nice big Daddy-Dick.  My girls, there are 3 of them, Ruby, Ruth and Rainy have contests of who can get you to squirt your magic juice first.  They will take turns sucking you and jacking off your beaver basher.  They love making a contest out of it.  All four of my little ones love when your fountain squirts and covers them in goo.  You would think they were outside running through the sprinklers.  Come play with us anytime.

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