Extreme Play


cum slut phone sexSo, last night something unexpected yet rather pleasurable happened. A man randomly breaks into my house then just starts taking off his clothes. His cock is already fully erect and ready for some pussy.
He rips off my clothes then starts sucking on my nipples while he fingers my pussy. Then he demands that I pleasure his cock. I unfortunately tell him I can’t, because my boyfriend was right outside.
He scoffs at that then throws me on the couch. My titties bounce all over the place as I struggle to sit up. Then he pushes me back down and straddles me. His cock slides up and down my pussy lips, begging to be let in.
He pins my arms against the couch, but right before he could go any further, my boyfriend Brian comes in. However, he doesn’t look surprised to see the giant hunk of man meat on me. Instead he smiles and calls him bro.
Apparently, this was one of his friends that he called earlier. There was also another on the way. He wanted to surprise me for our 1-year anniversary. I was so ecstatic I could hardly breathe.
All 3 of them spent the entire night making me cum over and over again. I was fucked raw in all my tiny holes. It was so incredible. I had never felt so satisfied in my entire life.
All of them knew exactly what to do and where to put their giant meaty cocks. Brian had shared details about all my little kinks, and pleasure spots. I wanted to cry I was so happy.
Each one took their time cumming and exploding inside my now very stretched out pussy. I could feel all of their hot, creamy, gooey, loads shoot so deep inside of me I wanted to melt.
I had so much fun, I told him I wanted to do it again! I hope every night can be like this from now on!

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