Edge Play in My Corner Office

Edge play phone sexSitting in my corner office all day can be peaceful but also quite boring. When it gets really quiet, I use my mini vibrator to pass the time. I put my tiny toy right inside my panties up against my clit. I leave it there until my clitty gets hard and starts to twitch. Just when I’m ready to squirt pussy juice in my chair I turn off my toy and stop myself from cumming. I feel so powerful when I can stop myself just in time. I keep this sexy edgeplay  game going until I can’t hold back any longer and my wet bald pussy is overflowing with sticky pussy juice and almost too sensitive to touch. I usually let one of the hot young interns finish me off if he’s in the office. His thick cock and my vibrator are a perfect match. If he’s not around I let my vibrator do the job. I turn my toy on high, press it against my throbbing clitty, and squirt my sweet deliciousness all over my office chair. I love living life on the edge and you will too once I use your fuck stick to give me that intense orgasm that my tight wet pussy craves.

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