Edge Play


I love to bring you to the edge and back over and over. I am so Good at what I do. You love it when my hubby watches because even though I’m not letting you cum, I am still playing with and touching you. Your favorite position is sitting on the stool in the middle of the room. I make you undress and sit there exposed for me with hubby looking on, dick in his hand. I release my succulent tits and walk to you. Rubbing them in your face even letting you suck on my nipples for a second. You know my rule your hands better be at your side. I like to watch as I slowly get your manhood alive. I let my long red hair dance over your body as I slip between your legs and start stroking you. Faster and faster until I am sure you cant take anymore. Then I stop and back away.  You look like I just stole your puppy as I drink my tea and wait for you to cool your jets. Once I’m sure It has been enough time I lower my self and lick your dick slowly.  I love to take my time. What does it feel like to watch my pathetic hubby lose his load again and you are stuck on the very edge of orgasm? Once again I get you close and walk away. I decide to test your cock as I lay on the floor and start fucking my ass with my purple dildo. Your eyes get me though, so I ask what will you do to be allowed release? Anything is your reply. So I take my ass dildo and tell you if you suck it real good I will let you cum once. You are a greedy ass pig as I fuck your mouth with that purple goodness. So I slip back between your legs and start slurping your hard cock until all your jizz runs down my throat. MMM, Good stuff. Now we need a long break, but I will be back for more, how much can you handle?

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