Dream Love

I wanted to be in love, but I found all the wrong ones and they found me alone and in disbelief sometimes I feel like I’m not ever going to be found I’m just going to drag around fucking clown after hard dick clown losing myself. I swear last night was the night that solidified in my brain that everything is about sex, dirty hard cock rod, sticky, loose cum guzzling pussy, power driving sex and it keeps me coming back for more. I guess in my sexually twisted mind my mental clicks come from fantasy love and hard mean sexual drama. I need him to lie to me and tell me he loves me, he needs every part of my immensely appetizing body from my head right down to my delicious sugary toes. I need him to drill his monster cock into me like he’s losing his fucking mind inside of my steamy hypnotizing vaginal core. I want sweat diluted in tears mixed with inaudible words and explosive passionate moaning. Where are you, that liar who can make me believe in your love while I’m sucking every drop of cum from your massive mule cum load.




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