Domineering Replacement

mistress phone sex danaI was his slave and I know it sounds out dated for those living in the 20th century but I was the type of girl who loved to have her beau or man in her life tell her what to do sexually. My quivered thinking about the responses that it gives when I am told what to do. I quiver when I am being tied to the bed or locked in dark place and ordered to suck cock. It was this type of behavior that ran me into Brad.
First things first, Brad was the first responder when my uncle had locked me in the basement for most of my life only letting me out to go to school or to suck on his hard protruding cock to fulfill his need. Over the years my being told what to do had escalated and I loved for a man to tell me to take it in my mouth and swirl it around and bend my ass over so he could probe his fingers in my ass. That was the kind of shit that really turned me on and left me reeling and most of the time begging for more. I wanted and needed a man to take control!
When Brad walked into my life he was possessive from the start sexually and would have me on my knees for hours sucking his cock and letting the cum drip down my breast and licking it off with his tongue. It was tantalizing for a while then things started getting very kinky, like he would want me to invite guys over so he could suck their dicks and stretch me wide inserting things in my clit and watch masturbating as they took turns throbbing their beast in my aching pussy. But I was no holds girl who loved being told what to do and have the feel having to hold my orgasm turned me on. Brad was it the spoiler who ordered  me to get on my knees and swirl his balls in my mouth and shove his 9 inch oversized cock in my pussy. Awaking needs in me that could only be performed by being a submissive.
Sadly our relationship ended when he got promotion to another city and now I am aching to find a replacement to be in control and dominate this aching pussy!

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