Daddy’s Girl

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Tonight, I wore those frilly little pink panties you love so much, Daddy.

I know you love sneaking into my room at night to spend some quality time with your baby girl. This time I wanted to surprise you with something sexy. *giggles* I love how you get under the covers with me and run your big strong hands all over my body. The filthy things you say make my little pussy tingle so much, Daddy.

It’s especially my favorite when you gently pull my panties to the side and position yourself between my legs so that you can tease my smooth, hairless cunt with your fat daddy cock. The look on your face is pure ecstasy and when you say, ‘Are you Daddy’s little girl?’ It makes me so happy. What do I need to do to earn my reward tonight, Daddy? That’s my favorite game to play with you.

It’s our little secret as always. Which makes it all the more exciting. Wouldn’t you agree?


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