Cupcakes, Cupcakes and Cum Cream Filling


      So you liked little ones? So I thought we could work on another little fantasy I was having. How about you take that little one spread her legs apart and I take this paddle and smack her little clit for you? Oh don’t be shy you know you are into the taboo and the kinky and I was too.  We spoke briefly about all we would do this little slut and you agreed  so don’t become shy now , the fun has just started. We both agreed cream filled cupcakes need to squirt their filling on our tongues and there was no better way for this little one to learn. I was ready for you to cum and not too quickly the one thing I loved the most was the fact that our over active imagination never let her see it coming. We went in the room grabbed her by her little feet lifted her out of the bed carried her down the hall to our room and we were sure going to have a feast with that nice  pussy. It was hard for me to not think about that peach cream sauce that would slide over your  fingers and me sucking it off.

     We saw her smile which was our cue that she was ready for more and in fact ,she wanted it so much that she was begging for your to come and do it to her! Her moist little cup cake had your lips drooling and I was wondering when the best time would be for you to just stick that love handle inside and push so deep that it came out of her mouth. Oh yeah  it can come out of the mouth in a little one that’s how hard I want you to press into her. I am really into the spanking so I am going to turn her around so you can see her nice little round bottom that is just aching to turn red. I am spreading her little cheeks for you so you can get a better view and that hard throbbing muscle is just waiting for you to come in. Come on that’s a big boy you know what you want and what you need take it and do what you will with her little hole!


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