Cum Shot

cum slut phone sexI was watching an old cheesy porn scene yesterday, where a girl orders a pizza and then fucks the delivery guy. I started to wonder if I could really manage to get fucked by the delivery guy and make a porn video out of it. It was lunch time anyway and this was going to be fun! I called in an order and got ready. I set everything up and got right in front of the door, waiting. When he knocked on the door, I called for him to walk in. I was there on the floor spread open, rubbing my pretty, pink cunt. I told him to come earn his tip. He dropped down to his hands and knees and started to swirl his tongue around my clit. In just a few seconds he had me moaning and dripping wet! He pulled his cock out and started to pound my soaking wet slit. When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he pulled out and shot his yummy cum all over my face and titties. As he got up to leave, I slipped him a $20 for a tip. He has no idea how much money I’m going to make off of this tape!

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