Cum one Cum all

It is almost the first of the month! Which means it is time to get my little whores busy! I mean rent is due! And my electric is right behind that. So I set up an all-night fuck fest! Like an all you can eat buffet! It cost 500 to get in the door! And you can do whatever you want till 5 am! Take my little ones and use them till your balls explode. Work out all your fantasies! I don’t give a fuck! Use every hole and toss the little sluts aside and grab a new one! Take your fill… But come early cause I’m inviting 38 of my favorite money bags over. And they will all get to dump their loads in my little ones! Its a cum one cum all event! I want to see my fuck whores on their knees sucking and fucking as many cocks as they can take at once! A P-gang bang party!  Teach those whores what they are made for! You paid enough for it!

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